Miss Velour


Slave Luke Film Debut
This is one of my first projects in my new Brighton BDSM Studio, produced and edited by "Yours Truly". One of my younger slaves is captured and inexorably trapped. He will painfully endure the stocks, just to watch my pussy glisten with sadistic pleasure. I will then cage him, just to give him the freedom to give me his oral servitude.
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Lashings For Lust
A Proud and Perverted productions in Denmark by the all over talented Sebastian Solo.
Two blossoming lesbian lovers soon find out what is like to be discovered by fierce disciplinarian Miss Velour. They will learn the hard way the pleasures of the cock. Their recalcitrance defeated by Miss Velour's devious methods.
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The Delivery Boy
A Fetish Tool Productions, Italy.
The Italian delivery boy gets a lesson in manners from Miss Velour. He has to purge himself off his heated Italian macho temperament though heavy anal stretching and humiliating emasculating tasks.
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Taming Miss Velour
In your dreams, slave!
This is a Fetish Tool beauty, with Valentina Fetish Doll trying to dominate me and ending up in latex lesbian revel, rolling and feasting on pussy juice. A very hot and slippery affair!.
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Anal Hook Slave
Watch Miss Miranda and I demeaning our latex slave lowering him to the ground hogtied and made to worship our feet, inciting him to crawl dragging him by anal hook inserted in his arse and on a leash. Ending with boy-bi bonanza, having the gimp coming out of the closet to suck his sorry cock.
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Bound & Teased
17 min 3 sec

Dom Gossip
7 min 55 sec

Goddess Worship
11 min 38 sec

Latex Clad Mistress Worship
7 min 39 sec

Latex Milking
5 min 8 sec

Miss Velour's Pleasure
9 min 18 sec

Prostate Milking
7 min 20 sec

Serve Mistress Velour
5 min 43 sec

Worship Miss Velour's Feet
4 min 54 sec

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