Miss Velour


Maid Tea Training

This is a rubberlicious movie with Natalie Goth TV serving as my sissy maid.  As her poor service is influenced by her hard "dolly", she gets as hard a punishment from me, as she smears all of her tarty lipstick on my open toes high heeled shoes worshipping them. And, to improve her tea skills, I put a constant reminder in her bottom to ensure her focus to the task! I correct her shabby attitude to serving with a steely hand. I expect my maids to stretch their normal serving skill more than they normally and usually do and, when my standards are not met, i respond with an equally stretchy treatment - the expandable and lockable steel butt plug worn during house chores seems always the most suitable one!
This movie is a Velour Productions and is divided in two separate clips.

Kitty Tail Treatment

I went to buy a pussy cat, but they gave me a tom cat at the shop. I improvised myself a vet and attempted a removal of the undesired second "tail". I used my special electric grilling device to fry it, hoping it would eventually fall off... But, during the process, I've realized how much fun I could have tormenting her tail...

This film is a Velour Productions with the delightful Natalie GothTV and it is devided in two parts.

Puppy Toilette Training

My puppy dog gets a strict fluid and oral training. In the process, he tries to elude Mistress a few times with regrettable attempts of bravado, which cost him his privilege to be at his adored Owner's feet. He gets locked in the cage and subjected to a severe training as a confined dirty dog. Mistress won't deign him of any contact with her, apart from letting him lick the dirty soles of her boots. Lamentably, he tries to gain relief through his pitiful puppy eyes, but he will stay in the cage until he will have learned his lesson.

Panty Sniffer Punisment

It is never a good idea being caught by Mistress sniffing her panties sitting on a butt plug! She will always find out and the punishment will be severe.

Cock and ball torture, corporal punishment, nipple torments and final prolonged detention in chastity device and predicament bondage are administered to make this dirty panties sniffer repent.

This movie is a Velour's Productions and it has been divided in 4 clips to be purchased in my store.

Astounding Anal Avidity

How greedy an arse can be? I always take up the challenge with deep sentiment, and I mean deep. Here, my anal slut takes for me gargantuan toys, a double hand drilling, straight punch fisting and a double foot job!

I had so much fun stretching the possibilities of the human arse in this video that I've divided in 4 clips of extreme anal play which can be purchased in my clip store.


Bound & Teased
17 min 3 sec

Dom Gossip
7 min 55 sec

Goddess Worship
11 min 38 sec

Latex Clad Mistress Worship
7 min 39 sec

Latex Milking
5 min 8 sec

Miss Velour's Pleasure
9 min 18 sec

Prostate Milking
7 min 20 sec

Serve Mistress Velour
5 min 43 sec

Worship Miss Velour's Feet
4 min 54 sec

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