Miss Velour

Miss Velour

Medical Breath Play

Medical Breath Role Play in my London Rubber Bondage Lab explained.

My control goes beyond depriving my subs of their senses.   I control the very air they breathe, locking it inside a CO2 filtering breathing machine; I let them breathe what I like, when I like and for as long as I like.  Absolutely no connection with the outside world, only Me.
I take the words Sensory Deprivation very seriously and I relish in the control I have over your body, mind and deviant soul, via every single inspiration and expiration that I allow.
There's no escape with me and in the Closed Circuit of My Ohmeda!

My Breath Play practices are also suitable to a a patient in need of a Medical Mistress to take care of their most incurable perversions,  or to a rubber bondage devotee seeking an introspective journey into their own sensualiry.  

Heavy Rubber and SeriousKit Sessions

Heavy Rubber Sessions are all about the intensity, which fully transpires in this video - produced, filmed and edited by me.
As a creative Rubber Mistress, SeriousKit Equipment is another arrow in my kinky bow, which is why my collection of their inimitable implements is ever growing.

What makes my sessions truly unique, apart from the outstanding equipment, is my deep understanding of the rubber submissive longings. Being an adept Rubber Fetishist myself, I'm able to deliver an overload of the most intense sensations straight from my deviant soul. And I take great pleasure from them.


Here, I've used SeriousKit SPT and the Bipolar Nipple Cylinders, all electroconductive, sucking and pulsating. The EStim plug and electroconductive rubber ball ring.

All of these items available now at my London Rubber Studio.

To book a mind blowing  Seriouskit, Heavy Rubber Bondage session with me, contact me via my Contact Page, describing your fetishes and desires.
And let your dark soul shine!

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