Welcome into my kinky world!  
I am a Dominant Lady with a fixation for rubber. I don't follow stereotypes, nor do I indulge in all the Mistress' trite cliches. I have a totally individual and tremendously erotically charged style of Domination.
For this reason, I'm very selective and I need to establish a connection with my submissives.

This is a delicate and interpersonal dynamic which I don't hand over to anyone. 
I believe one cannot delegate deviance. I have no staff, no interns, no assistant — a thoroughly one-woman labour of latex love that is also my life and my livelihood.

I prefer, and always have preferred focussing on deep connections rather then higher income, dedicating more time to personally deal with my subs from the very first approach. It is crucial for me to single-handedly create the experience I’m going to live with them, rather then dilute it via the intervention of third parties in making it happen.

If the metaphysical connection created by the chemistry between BDSM players is neglected, it would become just a business, this is not what I am about. 

During play, I involve my whole kinky persona which is boundless and very individual, no-one else can possibly intervene between me and my subs in making it happen without contaminating that connection.

In the same breath, I can say I enjoy Double Domme sessions. However, I have to have a deep affinity with the other Dominant person; for this reason, I will not always accept those suggested by my subs. No offence is intended, of course, it is just a matter of being honest with myself and with all the parties involved. Ultimately, we all want an authentic experience, no?

Since my approach to a session is very personal and individual, instead of offering an automated list of pleasures and preferred activities, I expect you to contact me, so we can discuss your deepest, kinky desires. This will allow me to assess if you are compatible for a mutually enjoyable experience, which is imperative in my Domain.

I treasure every encounter as the experience we live together enriches me as well as you.