Welcome into my kinky world!  
I am a Dominant Lady with a fixation for rubber. I don't follow stereotypes, nor I indulge in all the Mistress' trite cliches, I have a totally individual and tremendously erotically charged style of Domination.
When I dominate, I endeavour to blur the edges of the dullness of everyday reality to everyone whom I dominate as, for me, every play is a journey to a parallel dimension of erotic sensations, an oneiric state where my favourite activity is control.

I offer perceptive, sensual and dominating, fetish play, effortlessly and spontaneously delivered with lashings of hedonistic indulgence, as I'm passionately dedicated to improving people's sex lives by making their erotic fantasies come true.

There isn't anything (as long as it is legal, safe and consensual) that I would decline or judge.

My approach to a session is very personal and individual. Instead of offering an automated list of pleasures and services, I expect you to contact me, so we can discuss your deepest, kinky desires. This will allow me to assess if you are compatible for a mutually enjoyable experience, which is imperative in my Domain.
I treasure every encounter as the experience we live together enriches me as well as you.

My website gets regularely refreshed with new imagery from professional photoshoots and real time sessions.
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