As a professional London Dominatrix, with a heavy interest in Rubber Domination and Medical Play, my Studio is beautifully designed in a modern and minimalistic style. It is robustly equipped for: Bondage, Rubber Play and Medical Play.

The studio has been professionally soundproofed to avoid the unwanted sound pollution which could alter the flow of a deep bondage session.

The Medical Fetish Clinic and the Bondage area are designed in white, with mirrored ceilings, an LCD screen to reproduce those visually unaccessible details of a session, two suspension frames created for laying down bondage and more intricate predicaments.

Equipment including:

Two Closed Circuit Ohmeda Breath Play Machines:

These are real medical machines, not just thrown together single components, all features are built in. They include O2 scrubber and sensors connected to a computerised monitor displaying breath rate, single breath volume and respiratory flow.

They are sophisticated pieces of equipment, which provide an unparalleled experience for the cultivated breath player.

Equipment including:
Seriouskit Equipment
TENS Machines
Heavy Rubber Sleep Sacs
Inflatable Sleep Sacs
Heavy Rubber Straitjackets
Vacuum bed
Dildos and Plugs, mainly by SquarepegToys and Oxballs - All Platinum Grade Silicon insertable toys (No Phtalates).
Two Fucking Machines

Rubber Garments in men's sizes:
Basic Catsuits
Enclosure Catsuits
Basic Hoods
Bizarre Hoods
A collection of Gas Masks and Anaesthesia Masks
Heavy Rubber Corsets
Rubber Maid Outfits
Rubber Doll complete outfits
Torpedo Bras
Female Masks (Including MpicsMedia masks)
All of the above are of the highest standards of quality and design.

A large collection of SeriousKit equipment: a whole new assortment of SPT Cylinders, electroconductive and non, Testicle Electro Suction Tubes, Nipple Cylinders and last, but not least, the latest generation of SeriousKit electrostim rubber vacuum suit. The suit features the old body wet suction pulsating action, with added integral conductive rubber panels, an electrostim rubber masturbation bag and Vachood.

All photos and videos are produced, filmed and edited by me.

They are all from My London Rubber Studio only.
No smoke and mirrors here.