If Rubberdoll Zone is your favourite area of sexual experimentation, you have reached destination here.
I am the rubberdoll morphologist and I own the most sensually stimulating and cutting-edge doll making lab in the UK; years of experience and fetish aesthetic research have gained me an irrefutable leading position in this field. 
In my Rubberdoll Lab I strip, disassemble and create from fallacious human beings, perfectly obedient and  fabulously shaped objects, moulding them in ideal female forme of rubber perfection. 

In the first stage of the morphing process, I integrate femme rubber masks with pouty, bimbo lips and huge silicon breasts in the new synthetic life form and layer shiny latex garments to perfect the newly formed female shapes.  

The completing stage of the transformation, will involve brainwashing tasks, where old human identities will be obliterated via chemical and mechanical medical procedures. This is my favourite part of the whole rubberdoll transformation process and I have conceived and technologically equipped my whole lab to achieve top results.

My ultimate aim is to shapeshift and anonymise the human being, dissolve its burdening socially acceptable identity, because the resulting empty shell has never looked so sexy and full of possibilities.

Everything is possible to a mutant rubberdoll, freed from a flawed human brain and in  control of a latex-clad doll-maker.

All rubberdoll attire and masks worn in the pictures is available at my London Rubber Studio.

All pictures and clips are from my London Rubber Studio. They are taken by me from real time sessions. The real deal.